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Digital marketing is a marketing tactic to drive interested traffic to your online presence (landing page, microsite, or website). It provides the perfect complement to existing marketing efforts.

We can do everything from setting up the accounts to optimizing the campaigns to creating data dashboard to track key metrics.



Depending on what your growth objective is, different platforms offer varying benefits. Below are the platforms we can manage:

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Having been in the digital marketing space for over a decade, Metis has seen much, failed much, and helped dozens of clients achieve success in their online campaigns endeavors. We love helping clients not just execute a good digital marketing campaign, but rather, an excellent one.

To get to know how Metis was founded, what makes us tick, or to learn more about Brian, our founder, visit our main About page.

Brian Morris (founder) presenting at Google in 2012.

Brian Morris (founder) presenting at Google in 2012.



We are selective with who we help with digital marketing. We began advertising online in 2006 and have managed over $100 million in digital marketing spend over the past decade. Digital marketing makes sense to us and has from the beginning.

We have limited bandwith so we only take clients who are committed to pursuing excellence and who we are confident we can help. If you think digital is just a part to the overall pie, you are someone we want to help. If you think digital marketing is the silver bullet that solves all your problems...well, we'd be happy to help you find someone who agrees.

Our conference room here at Metis HQ in downtown Lynchburg, VA.

Our conference room here at Metis HQ in downtown Lynchburg, VA.



Much of the industry charges on a percentage management fee between 15-25%. Though there is a appropriate times for this, Metis believes you should know exactly the amount you will pay per month before the invoice.

That is why Metis will will manage your digital marketing campaigns for a flat fee retainer each month. This number is estimated by Metis based on internal factors that usually amount to less than 10% of your overall spend. The minimum fee Metis takes on is $250 per month.

The Metis-approved productivity notebook: Passion Planner

The Metis-approved productivity notebook: Passion Planner





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