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Google AdWords

NonProfit Grant


Google offers nonprofits the opportunity to apply for a grant which provides nonprofits up to $10,000 per month of free advertising. Below is how Metis can help you receive those dollars.





The Google AdWords Grant can provide you a credit up to $10,000 per month to use. You must be:

  1. An IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization within United States.
  2. Registered with TechSoup.
  3. Not be a fiscally sponsored organization.

That's it. It is pretty simple. If you meet those qualifications, congratulations!


Though you may have access to up to $10k/mo, there are limitations to how you can use it:

  • Can only advertise using text ads
  • Will only appear on
  • Will appear below paying customers

NOTE: This grant provides funds only available on Google, not Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other digital platforms.


The Google AdWords Grant is a great way to promote your organization, but to maximize its impact you should have:

  • Marketing or communications strategy (clients/cause)
  • Fundraising strategy (donors)
  • Functional, well-designed website

Knowing how Google AdWords will benefit your organization will be key prior to using this Grant.


Adwords management

Metis has helped dozens of nonprofits with their Google AdWords Grant. Metis can help your organization:

  • Apply for Google AdWords Grant
  • Structure and build your AdWords account
  • Optimize and manage AdWords account

For management of the Google AdWords Grant, Metis charges a flat fee of $1,000 per month.

Brian Morris (Metis founder) presenting at Google in 2012.

Brian Morris (Metis founder) presenting at Google in 2012.



We are selective with who we help with digital marketing. We began advertising online in 2006 and have managed over $100 million in digital marketing spend over the past decade. Digital marketing makes sense to us and has from the beginning. We have limited time, however, so we help those who are improving their communities and the world. We are confident we can help those improve and make the impact they so desire.



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