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Your Marketing, Crafted for You
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Metis Media Group


Your Marketing, Crafted For You


Tackle the summit

Metis is a marketing consulting firm serving nonprofits, small businesses, and startups. We possess expertise in digital marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, direct mail strategy, constructing holistic cross-channel marketing strategies, and much more. 

Wherever you need help, Metis is here. We can achieve success together.

Be genuine.
Be remarkable.
Be worth connecting with.
— Seth Godin




At times throughout the life of a business it is important to speak with a professional with a fresh set of eyes. Metis has options to assist your business on a per instance basis or an ongoing basis. You have questions; Metis has answers.


Prior to any period of substantial growth, a business must develop a plan of attack. That plan is created because of passion, but must be constructed based on strategic insight.  Metis specializes in turning your passion into a plan.



Acquiring, communicating, and retaining customers in the 21st century is a necessity. Keeping up with current marketing strategies can be overwhelming. Metis can fill the void in your business to help provide that expertise.


Though businesses can have the marketing knowledge necessary to grow the business, there may not be internal skills to execute that vision. You are in luck...Metis are experts in social and search engine PPC advertising.