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Metis is a marketing consulting firm serving nonprofits, small businesses and startups, and marketing agencies. We possess expertise in digital marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, direct mail strategy, constructing holistic cross-channel marketing strategies, and much more. 

Wherever you need help, Metis is here. We can achieve success together.

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Metis exists to help organizations build comprehensive, cohesive, and coherent marketing strategies to achieve growth and success.


TV, Direct Mail, Magazines, etc.

"Mail is only for old people." "People always skip commercials." "What is a magazine?" There is a lot of panic around traditional marketing these days as the landscape turns towards digital. However, the importance of traditional media remains clear. How traditional marketing is incorporated into your marketing strategy is a difficulty most companies face. As with all marketing, it must be clearly designed and well executed. Traditional marketing is not dead, nor will it die soon.


SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, ETC.

If traditional marketing has been painted as the useless, old medium of the past, digital marketing, conversely, is the fresh new medium that everyone must focus solely on if their business is to survive. As much as the first statement is false, so too is the second statement. In today’s market, you must be clever and intentional with digital marketing to achieve success. In order to stand out among others in the industry, a "3 C's strategy" must win out over independent siloed tactics.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ETC.

Social marketing has been considered the holy grail of marketing for some time now. Marketing is essentially ensuring your message is presented to the right person at the right time for the right reason. Social marketing can provide that very confluence of perfection. However, merely possessing an engaging social media account does not indicate expertise using social marketing as an effective component of a cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan. 

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Coming together is a beginning
keeping together is progress
working together is success.

- Henry Ford


Developing a growth strategy can be a challenge. Here are the packages we provide to ensure our strengths help you stay focused on your strengths.


Let's talk shop!

Metis will sit down with you to assess and improve your current marketing initiatives. Metis will identify key action items needing to change immediately. For the afternoon, you will have an expert dedicated to ensuring you meet your growth goals.


Let's make plans!

Having a plan is half the battle. Metis will design and construct a marketing strategy that best fits the goals of your business. At the end of the day your business will possess a holistic marketing strategy customized for your business for the next 12-18 months.


Let's be Partners!

You know your business better than anyone. However, you may need help throughout the year keeping up or staying on task. Metis will partner with you over the course of the year to ensure our strengths keep you focused on your strengths.

Ask us about our GRAY, WHITE, and BLUE options.


Meet Metis

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I'll save you from having to Google me...


Founder and Marketing Expert

Hello! My name is Brian and I am the Metis Man. Over the last 10 years in my professional career, I have had the opportunity to fail. Yes, I admit that I have failed. With the reminder of my humanity, those failures have proven the unique opportunity to learn what does not work. In stark contrast to the humbling mistakes, I have also had the privilege to manage multi-million dollar monthly budgets and help grow organizations grow by multiples. I have managed everything from simple AdWords accounts to enterprise-level marketing strategies. However, no matter the client, my desire to leave organizations better than I found them drives me to serve my clients to the best of my abilities. I have been fortunate to have the privilege of helping many organizations not just succeed, but thrive.

I live in Lynchburg, Virginia with my wife, son, and our family dog. Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, I moved down to attend college and simply never left. I earned my undergraduate degree in finance as well as an MBA. Despite never pursuing my intended career as an attorney, I had the opportunity to learn a vast number of skills before landing in the field of marketing. Since having started my career in marketing, I have had the pleasure and honor of working with a number of well-known companies and personalities as well as extremely unique marketing challenges. I have worked with Google to develop two case studies and even presented at Google NYC headquarters. I have enjoyed my career and would love nothing more than to help you and your organization grow by leaps and bounds. If for no other reason, drop me a line to say hi as I am always interested in making a friend or talking business. I would be honored to allow my strengths to help you focus on your strengths!

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The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

- Mark Twain


If you are interested in learning, improving, auditing, developing, or overhauling your marketing strategy, please fill in your information below and we will get back to you shortly!

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